Monday, December 14, 2015

Fertility Testing - August/September 2015

Before I begin, it's important to note that I'm overweight. I know I'm overweight and I've been anxious this whole time that no matter what I go to the doctor for (fertility or otherwise) that my weight will be a cause. I know I should lose weight and I'm working on it, but I didn't want to hear that I should try to lose weight first before they'd do any tests...

08/21/15 - Doctor visit (Goal: ask for fertility tests)

Happy to report my doctor never mentioned weight as a problem! She said normally their first step is to advise you to use OPK's to check for the LH surge and as I told her I already am/have she okay'd the next step. She also mentioned stopping the BBT and just focusing on the OPK's.

She gave me lab slips for:
- Semenalysis for DH
- Pelvic ultrasound on any of CD's 4 through 7 [check ovarian reserve]
- Blood draw testing for: AntiMullerian Hormone, Glucose (fasting), Insulin (total), T4 free and TSH.

She said that the blood tests should take about a week to get the results back so I'm having them done tomorrow as I'm CD24 tomorrow. I need to fast from 10pm onwards so I think a Saturday is the easiest for me to avoid questions from work.

They're also testing me for hypothyroidism so we'll see how that goes. I'm glad we're doing all the testing at once but as you all know I'm in the US so we shall see what this all costs (we do have insurance thankfully but the deductible isn't low ).

08/22/15 - Blood test (CD24)

Took 2 vials of blood. Was told they need to send off for them. Should take about a week to get those results

08/29/15 – Blood test results

- Antimullerian Hormone: 3.35 ng/ml
- Insulin total: 20.5 (I only fasted for 8/9 hours, instead of the 12-14...)
- Glucose: 95
- FT4: .90 ng/ml
- S-TSH: 2.05 international units/ml

All normal

08/31/15 - Period started

09/04/15 - Ultrasound & doc visit (CD5)

8am: Ultrasound to check my reserves. Started internal but had trouble finding ovaries. Abdominal one (fatter ended wand) found them much easier.

8:30am: Doc visit to talk about results. Saw Dr. Naylor. He didn't explain the results outside of "normal". Said he wouldn't order a "dye test" until after we'd been trying a year and after DH has received his sperm analysis results. Asked to test progesterone and he gave me test slip. Needs to be done 7 days after OPK peak (so CD27).

Results of Ultrasound were sent to me via the patient portal. 4 follicles on one ovary, 5 on the other which is normal for someone my age.


Rather than waiting until I have the Day 21 bloods (7 days after positive OPK so actually Day 27 for me on a typical cycle) I've decided to post this post now. The initial bloods cost just under $400.00 so I decided to wait for the rest until the start of the year and a new deductible.

The same for DH's sperm analysis... too close to the end of the year so January is our month (unless we get pregnant on lucky month 12!)

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