Friday, May 2, 2014

Ovulation Tracking - Week 3 (Positive OPK)

Well! After the drama of Day 1 of Week 2 (April 16th) and not being sure whether I ovulated or not, I now know for sure that I DID ovulate this week on Day 7!

It's really obvious (now that I've seen it) that the previous result was definitely not a positive BUT it definitely indicated something (a surge but perhaps not ovulation) because the symptoms from my day of ovulation on the 29th were very similar to the 16th, bar one major difference, painful ovaries... And my word was my left one sore on that day! It twinged while walking and I had a bath and took some ibuprofen before bed. It definitely reminds me of what pain I'm in for when I have my period (I always have a painful first day).

So, mark your calendars (okay well I will) approximately 2 weeks from that date, we're hoping to start my period (and I haven't hoped for that ever before!). This should indicate that the implanon hormones are definitely out of my system. Just seeing the positive OPK gives me hope that conceiving won't be the mammoth task I've convinced myself it will be.


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